With guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Rob Shapiro, and bassist Mike Mallory, I am a member of LA based pop rock trio, Populuxe.

My musical association and friendship with Rob goes back to 1996 in NYC, the year after I moved to the US from my native England. I was immediately enticed by Rob's writing; a combination of great melodies, dense harmonies, a penchant for compound time signatures, and intriguing lyrics that make you wince with Louis CK-style humor, cause you to contemplate the meaning/meaninglessness of our modern existence, or make you feel like he was writing about the relationship that just caved your head in! In 1998, whilst playing every rock venue in lower Manhattan, we released "A Foggy Day in Brooklyn". Gigs continued including Canada's North by Northwest festival, but Rob moved to LA and my touring schedule meant I was constantly on the road. Our friendship remained but it would be a few years before we reconnected musically.

I moved to Las Vegas in 2004 and being in closer proximity, Rob and I recorded a couple of tracks together resulting in an EP under the moniker, "The Velvet Collar", and the XTC cover, "Mayor of Simpleton". I also guested on Rob's album "Town and Country". In 2011, Populuxe was effectively resurrected by the introduction of bassist Mike Mallory. With Mike, I believe the band became everything Rob and I had always hoped it could be.

We began gigging in Las Vegas and then, in 2013 I made the move to Southern California. As we played Hollywood and the Sunset Strip, I felt the music somehow belonged here - a mirror of this time and place and of the people we had become. Old school, all in the studio together with no autotune, just guitar, bass and drums, we recorded the album "3", an effort reflecting our combined maturity as players and Rob's finely honed writing skills. "3' was released in 2014. Please visit www.populuxehq.com for all things Populuxe.